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What Is Bleached Board?

Bleached board is a type of paper, composed of fibers that go through a bleaching process. As sheets or rolls, the board is sold to converters. These converters turn the board into plates, cups, folding carton, point-of-purchase displays, consumer packaging, and more.

The cellulose pulp used to make bleached board is typically 100 percent virgin fiber from wood sources. All components used in GP Bleached Board products—including the chemicals—are approved for food contact.

In general, more fiber weight composes a thicker sheet. Board is thicker than standard writing paper and is usually 10/1,000ths of an inch thick or more. Every 1/1,000th of an inch is called a “point” or “caliper,” an indicator of board thickness.

Bleached board is described best by its basis weight. Basis weight is the weight per area of board. Imperial Basis Weight is the weight in pounds of 3,000 square feet (#/3msf). Metric Basis weight is the weight in grams per one square meter (gsm) of board.