A Planet-Positive Package

Earning the environment’s seal of approval.

We Practice Sustainable Forestry

At Georgia-Pacific, we define sustainability as “meeting the needs of society today without jeopardizing our ability to do so in the future.” It’s a thoughtful way to address the here and now, while planting seeds for future generations. And at GP, we’re doing it every day.

For GP Bleached Board, we’ve taken bold steps to ensure we’re responsibly sourcing wood and fiber for our pulp, paper, and wood products. We go above and beyond for our environment, and are dedicated to helping your company do the same. Our certification programs offers added assurance our wood is environmentally responsible and comes from sustainably managed forests, through independent, third-party verifications.

Our Certifications

Forest Certification

This certification provides assurance that a landowner is outwardly committed to sustainable forestry practices.

Wood and Fiber Sourcing

By going above and beyond, we ensure the wood and fiber for our pulp, paper, and wood products are responsibly sourced.



This program, offered at many of our locations, tracks fiber from certified lands, recycled fiber, and responsible sources.

More About Sustainability

There’s only one earth, and at Georgia-Pacific, we do our best to protect it. The virgin fiber we buy comes from:

80% Family forest landowners
15% Industrial timberlands
5% Government-owned forests

As a company, we’ve never been content with doing the bare minimum. We aim to be the industry leader in sustainability, and pass our commitment on to customers who are aiming to be the same.

Interested in learning more about our sustainable practices or certifications?